Weight loss at AcupunctureWorkz is accomplished by using an east/west approach.  From a Chinese Medicine standpoint, most people are struggling with digestion, metabolism issues, and stress.  The treatments will be focusing on these issues, including magnets you will wear in your ear for a week to help with stress and cravings.  

From a western perspective,  many people have a problem with blood sugar.  We offer a moderately low carbohydrate plan, which we call a 10-day eating challenge.  For a preview of the havoc that blood sugar/insulin imbalances are having on our society, here is a short video of Dr Merritt of Merritt Wellness Center in Austin describing this process (please paste link into your browser): 


Please choose Blood Sugar: Stop Insomnia, Beat Fatigue, Lose the Weight and also Blood Sugar:  How to fix the problem 

We include a link to this video because no one describes the hormone imbalance problem with weight gain better than Dr. Merritt.  It is recommended to come back for your second follow up visit at the end of the eating challenge. 

The first weight loss visit includes information. herbal supplements, and coconut oil needed for your program to help you reach your goals. If you're tired, can't sleep properly, can't lose weight, have blood sugar issues/crave sweets and carbs, your life will change for the better with this program. And quickly, too. This program is how Leslie the acupuncturist eats--it is life-changing. On the second visit, we will discuss any issues you had during the challenge and strategies on continued success. You may call anytime of course, if you have questions.